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Professor William Moomaw Calling for Soils to Included in Climate Negotiations
“I urge you to join the movement to make soils a more central part of the climate action agenda.” Professor William Moomaw of Tufts University calling for soils to be included in the climate negotiations in Paris.

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Allan Savory – Greening Deserts, Regenerative Grazing, Holistic Management

Rattan Lal – Soil Carbon, Regenerative Agriculture

Hope for a Livable Climate
The Promise of Restorative Grazing & Other Ecological Innovations to Regenerate Soil, Secure Food & Water, Revive Rural Economies and Reverse Global Warming Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nov 20, 2013. Event featured Precious Phiri, Training Facilitator at the Africa Center for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe; Judith Schwartz, author of “Cows Save the Planet: And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth”, published on Chelsea Green, and Seth Itzkan, environmental futurist.

Soil Carbon Challenge, Vermont Kickoff Presentation, Waitsfield, Vermont. October 21-21, 2011. Video by Seth J. Itzkan

Seth Itzkan Presentations & Interviews – Climate, Soil, Futures, Regenerative Ag, Holistic Management

Allan Savory Presentations & Interviews –

Holistic Management

Elaine Ingham


Richard Teague – Grazing Down the Carbon: The Scientific Case for Grassland Restoration – YouTube

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