Artistic Representation

Expression For A Cause

The arts are an ally in movement building. We welcome and encourage all forms of artistic expression to advance the message of soil as a climate solution.

“Brand New Sky” – Soil4Climate Anthem

Photo montage with Leigh Meunier on vocals



Creative Lives After School Program

White River Junction: Vermont, Earth Day Activities – April 22, 2016.

See the song page, which includes lyrics and charts here.


Sound Clips

Leigh Meunier on Vocals

Kevin O’Connor on Vocals


Brand New Sky - Leigh Banner 2.png

Boston based vocalist, Leigh Meunier, recording Soil4Climate anthem “Brand New Sky”


“Climate Farming”

Poem by Karl Thidemann

So, what’s the future?
Is there no hope?
Healing the land
Can help us cope
And grow better food
With less flooding, too
Put carbon in soil
Is what we must do

Draw down the heat
Slow the sea rise
Let birds and bees
Thrive in the skies
Good farming is how
We deal with this mess
Now the climate’s fixed
What’s next to address?

© 2016 by Karl Thidemann

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