About Soil4Climate

Who We Are

Mission: To advocate for soil restoration as a climate mitigation solution.
Vision: A livable climate with healthy soils.
Values: Transparency. Respect. Education. Hopefulness. Love.

Soil4Climate, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that advocates for soil restoration as a climate solution. We promote regenerative land management practices to capture atmospheric carbon and encourage collaboration with the larger body of climate activism. Uniting “drawdown” strategies with emissions reduction, divestment from fossil fuels, a price on carbon, and climate justice advocacy, together creates a powerful alliance.

We have built camaraderie with the following groups:

•  The Carbon Underground
•  Project Drawdown
•  Regeneration International
•  Kiss the Ground
•  Organic Consumers Association
•  Soil Carbon Coalition
•  Savory Institute
•  Rodale Institute
•  350.org
•  Climate Reality Project
•  Citizens Climate Lobby Better Future Project Mothers Out Front
•  International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
•  4 per 1000 (France’s global soil carbon initiative)
•  and many others

Contact Us

Facebook | Twitter | Instagramsoil4climate@gmail.com

Soil4Climate Inc., PO Box 332, Thetford Center, Vermont, 05075
soil4climate@gmail.com, 802-753-0505
Incorporated in Vermont | EIN: 81-1282515

Soil4Climate Directors


Seth Itzkan

Seth Itzkan is Co-founder and Co-director of Soil4Climate. He is an environmental futurist investigating innovative means of land management that offer hope for reversing global warming. He is a TEDx speaker on restoring grasslands and with planned grazing. He has consulted for The Boston Foundation, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the US Bureau of the Census. He is a graduate of Tufts University, College of Engineering and the Studies of the Future Program at University of Houston-Clear Lake. His private consultancy is Planet-TECH Associates.


Karl Thidemann

Karl Thidemann

Karl Thidemann is a Co-founder and Co-director of Soil4Climate. He serves on the board of the Somerville Community Growing Center, a quarter-acre, urban oasis offering organic gardening experiences, as well as artistic and cultural programs, to the public. Karl is also Co-founder of Somerville Climate Action. Karl holds a B.A. in chemistry from Wesleyan University. His focus is climate communications, including poetry.


Eric Becker

Eric Becker

Eric Becker is chief investment officer with Clean Yield Asset Management. He joined Clean Yield in 2009 after sixteen years as an equity analyst and portfolio manager for Trillium Asset Management in Boston. A proponent of sustainable agriculture, Eric is a founding member of the Slow Money Alliance–a network of investors, farmers and activists–and a founding board member of The Carrot Project, a sustainable agriculture finance organization. He is also senior fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program.

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  1. I would like to be in touch with Seth Itzkan. In my non-profit in the Peruvian High Amazon I regenerate Terra Preta for reforestation, food sovereignty and climate mitigation. Please contact me at:
    my website is:


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