Children to Sing Soil4Climate Song on Earth Day

This Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016, children attending the Creative Lives afterschool program in White River Junction, Vermont, will perform the Soil4Climate theme song “Brand New Sky.” The performance will kick off Earth Day festivities scheduled to commence at 5 pm at Lyman Park.

Audience members will be encouraged to sing along.

Soil4Climate, a Vermont nonprofit, advocates for soil restoration as a climate solution.

The theme song, “Brand New Sky,” promotes Soil4Climate’s positive message through music. People interested in incorporating the song into their own Earth Day activities, or any other time, please visit the song page. The music, lyrics, chords and an instrumental tracks are available from there.

Verse 1

Think of a world where everyone cares
About the land that everyone shares
Think of the soil that’s under your feet
And what it needs to make it complete
Under a brand new sky.


We don’t have to settle for a dying planet
There is something we can do.
We can save the land and everything upon it
All it takes is me and you

Verse 2

Take a look outside your door
And find a world worth fighting for.
Where there was once nothing to see,
There is life all around me
Under a brand new sky.


The answer that we’re looking for is soil for climate,
Put the carbon back in the ground.
This can be a movement if we get behind it.
Help us turn the world around.

Information on Soil4Climate is available at its website,

Information on Creative Lives is available at its website, and at
P- 802.272.5950
PO Box 23, Thetford, VT 05074

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