Renowned Scientists Join Soil4Climate Luncheon in Washington, DC

Soil4Climate was pleased to host a luncheon for speakers and guests from the Regeneration International March 9, 2016, event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, “Is Healthy Soil the Solution to Global Warming?”
The luncheon was at the MXDC Mexican restaurant.
Pictured here at the luncheon afterwards are (Back row: Dr. Richard Teague, Texas A&M; Skip Kauffman, formerly Assistant Director of Rodale Institute; Seth Itzkan, Co-founder, Soil4Climate; Karl Thidemann, Co-founder, Soil4Climate; Dr. Timothy LaSalle, former CEO, Rodale Institute. Middle row: Hui-Chun Johnson, Martha Holdridge, Green Power; Didi Pershouse, Soil Carbon Coalition; Dr. David Johnson, New Mexico State University. Front row, kneeling: Andre Leu, IFOAM – Organics International; Dr. Kris Nichols, Chief Scientist, Rodale Institute.



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